The Windows of Wesley: a historical and inspirational journey
by Marilyn A. Hudson (2014)

The unique history, art and spiritual meaning of the stained glass windows of Wesley UMC in Oklahoma.

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A historic and inspirational tour of the English Gothic Sanctuary of Wesley United Methodist Church (Oklahoma City, OK). The church was established in 1910 as Wesley Methodist Episcopal, North, and the sanctuary constructed in 1928 with four large Christ windows, numerous smaller story windows, and extensive stone and wooden ornamentation.

Information about the windows, their donors, and other aspects of artistic expression at the church as discussed, along with a reflective spiritual guide of the sanctuary.

A blend of church history, local history, art history and the spiritual motivation sparking the use of the windows and the impact they have had on members.

Devotional writings by church members and leaders over the years further enrich the descriptions.

Black and white images with accompanying historic, artistic, and inspirational text.


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